Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights Dubrovnik Heights

Dubrovnik Heights

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Dubrovnik Heights brochure (PDF 1.5mb)

Dubrovnik Heights is an integral part of the concept plan Ivanica Hill and covers an area of 50 hectares, 500m wide area that stretches from the border of Croatia to the height of Ivanica hill, facing towards the sea and is located in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The Dubrovnik Heights project envisages the construction of 230 luxury villas, shopping center, hotel and petrol station. All lots are privately owned building plots with prescribed conditions of building size from 500 to 1200 m2 granted.

The Municipality of Ravno and the owner of land secure:
Infastructure - Access roads: Access to each site (the rough work completed, finishing work remaining).
Services infastructure - Electrical, sewage and telephone services works expected to start on November 2011.
Water supply will be by boreholes that cover the whole project and have commenced and will be completed late 2012.

The "Dubrovnik Heights" are 15 minutes from the Dubrovnik airport which is well serviced by the lowcost and national airlines.

The breathtaking view of the sea through the Parish of Dubrovnik, close airport proximity, the sea and Dubrovnik, guarantee your future dream villa site.

Do not miss the opportunity, be the owner of one of 16 stone villas on the first line.

  • Mr. Andrija Simunovic Mayor of the Municipality Of Ravno:

    Andrija Simunovic
    "The Municipality of Ravno is located in the south of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina covering an area of 321 km ². The location and climate is very suitable for living. It borders 80 km in length with Croatia.
    Of the 80km - 30 kilometres circa has a sea view and is only around 2-4 km from the sea.
    In order to take advantage of this natural location and the proximity of Dubrovnik and its airport, a large part of the land around Ivanica has converted the Regional Plan into construction sites, mainly for tourist purposes and other similar content.
    We believe that in this location, all investors, from individuals to the large funds may find interest.
    Good location, cheap construction, close proximity to Dubrovnik, low cost tax, provide for profitable investment.
    Your investment not only obtains profit but your also helping the local community and accelerating our path to European integration. Welcome to Herzegovina."
  • Mr, Joseph Raguz (dipl.arch) Manager for design and construction:

    Josip Raguz
    "Any interested investor with legitimate documentation can be granted a building permit within a maximum period of 15 days.
    The Municipality has its own Geodetic Administration section, hence, Cadastre, so for each location/plot you can get the necessary documentation in one place.
    Welcome, our team is waiting for you."

    E-mail: raguz.josip@tel.net.ba
    Tel: +387 36 891 465
    Fax: +387 36 891 466

  • Mr. Niko Moro, Notary:

    "5% Sales tax is paid of the value estimated by the Municipality of Ravno and thereby acquire the right to register land."

    Ulica Ruđera Boškovića, br.45, 88300 Čapljina
    E-mail: notar.capljina@tel.net.ba
    Tel/Fax: +387 36 808 028